The following video explains the world economic collapse in a lighthearted but succinct way– by describing the Socialist profligacy that led to the Eurozone economic disaster:

Facing Up to Our National Debt

By Marielena Stuart
Republican Candidate for the United States Senate 2012 (FL)

President Obama’s administration is leaving Americans in the dark, as it continues to push our country further into debt and subservience to other nations.

Meanwhile, the Democrat- controlled U.S. Senate tabled the debate on Cut, Cap & Balance– which offered a legitimate and practicalsolution that could have saved our nation from the recent credit downgrading.

What do Senate Democrats fear?

The will of the  people?

Americans are not interested in political backroom “deals”.

Americans want and deserve an honest and forthright solution to the national debt. This includes the passage of a crucial Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to be ratified by the states.

Tax increases are not the solution to the national debt.

“Spreading the wealth” and “increasing taxes on the rich” is a socialist, if not communist approach—which does not help the poor.  In fact, it further erodes our economy.   The rich should not be punished for their success— and Americans must not tolerate policies which fundamentally attack the private sector and our free enterprise system.  We must not allow the socialist bureaucrats in Washington to divide Americans through class warfare.

Not surprisingly, President Obama offered little by way of constructive criticism and practical solutions  during the recent Congressional negotiations on the national debt.  Given his pent-up Socialist aversion to authentic leadership, which this country desperately needs,President Obama has attempted to reduce the very real significance of our national financial crisis to mere media sound bites and clichés.

The Hellenic Mirror:  A reflection of our reality?

This ‘smoke and mirrors’ game is, in effect, part of the Socialist environment that is destroying our nation—much like the Socialist environment I witnessed during my stays in Greece– where the Panhellenic Socialist Movement grew and grew, until it eventually chokedthe life blood out of that beautiful country and its people—in a demonstration of the equally socialist euro zone profligacy.

Like the ancient and the current Greek Tragedy, the fall of America as the world’s economic leader would be an event of catastrophicproportions and untold repercussions– the likes of which have not been seen in modern times.

Americans have become pawns in a vast economic scheme “propped up” by borrowing money from other countries—most significantly from the Communists in Beijing.  As such, China is the biggest investor in the U.S. debt— and our most dangerous economic and military enemy.

It should be evident to every thinking American, that our nation’s recent financial debacle has placed our national security at risk.

Last year, Americans experienced Communist China’s anger after Washington sold arms to Taiwan.  China’s state-run Xinhua Newsagency published an interview in which Major General Luo Yuan, Deputy Secretary General of the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Military Sciences,  warned:

“Our retaliation should not be restricted to merely military matters, and we should adopt a strategic package of counterpunches covering politics, military affairs, diplomacy and economics, to treat both the symptoms and root cause of this disease.”

General Yuan added that Washington could be punished by “oblique  means and stealthy feints… such as dumping  some U.S. government bonds.”

Militarily speaking, the Communist Chinese arsenal of punishments  may include the development and use of electromagnetic pulse weapons against our naval aircraft carriers in the Pacific– should the People’s Liberation Army attack Taiwan and America comes to her defense.

Americans do not know which of these “punishments” the Chinese Communists will employ, but there is one thing that we do know for certain right now– if America falls, no one will come to her rescue.

Only God and America’s salt-of-the earth, freedom loving citizens can save America from any future tyranny, be it domestic or foreign.

I will fight to restore a firm economic foundation for national re-building and securing a strong national defense. These will be two of my national priorities as your U.S. Senator.

In addition, I will oppose any and all unconstitutional and dangerous federal programs including “Obamacare,” and work for the reduction of wasteful government spending and the elimination of pork-barrel appropriations  and  projects.

You have my word on it.

Marielena Stuart



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JEFF NYQUIST is an internationally acclaimed geo-political analyst, foreign policy expert and Distinguished Senior Fellow in Political Science at the Inter-American Institute.




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