Life is our most precious asset

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All Floridians should be able to follow their dreams—without the threat of a bloated federal government that taxes them excessively while taking away their God-given rights.

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Lower taxes and a strong private sector create jobs

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What will our legacy be to the next generation?

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Florida is a state blessed by God in so many ways.  Not just for its beauty and natural resources, but more importantly, for its wonderful people– who deserve representatives that will defend their constitutional rights.

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Send a True Conservative “Citizen-Candidate” to Capitol Hill!

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Republican for the U.S. Senate 2012 – Florida

China’s  ‘anti-access and area denial strategy’ allows the People’s Liberation Army to inhibit U.S. military operations in the Asian theater.”While America faces a growing challenge with China’s aggressive military strategy, China continues to benefit greatly from our aerospace technology.”– From The Beijing Affair
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 MARIELENA STUART on the Economy and National Security:Americans have become pawns in a vast economic scheme “propped up” by borrowing money from other countries—most significantly from the Communists in Beijing.  As such, China is the biggest investor in the U.S. debt— and our most dangerous economic and military enemy.”

It should be evident to every thinking American, that our nation’s recent financial debacle has placed our national security at risk.”From  If America Falls, Who Will Come to Her Rescue? and  
Facing Up to
 Our National Debt
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The Strait of Florida is a cemetery that the world chooses to ignore, while countries all over the globe do business with Castro’s government– and their citizens shamelessly vacation in Castro’s Cuba.””The Cuban tourism trade has been notorious for its involvement in human trafficking, and the sexual exploitation of children.  The U.S. State Department has reported that Cuba is a source country for children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically commercial sexual exploitation.“”Anyone who dissents, or simply appears to be “suspicious” is systematically harassed, arrested and held in political prisons, where death is often the only escape from the brutal physical and psychological treatment administered by Castro’s forces.”– From Why Not Cuba?

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