The prestigious Sarasota Life Network:  “It is the pleasure of Sarasota Life Network to support your campaign for the U.S. Senate, for the unwavering pro-life position that you hold.”______________________The Honorable Congressman Robert K. Dornan (Rep-Ret.) 

I have been called “the original Tea Partier”– and I must say that my many years of experience in the United States Congress taught me to discern what a true conservative really is.  As I examine the present state of our nation and the critical need for strong candidates that can carry forth our conservative values, both morally and fiscally, I cannot think of a better American, and a better leader than Marielena Stuart, to represent the Great State of Florida in the United States Senate, after winning the 2012 election.

Marielena Stuart is a freedom fighter and a patriot.   Together with her family,  Marielena opposed and survived the ravages of Communism under Fidel Castro.  From an early age she learned to defend her God-given rights, while members of her family were imprisoned, tortured, and executed.  Marielena Stuart knows the price that is paid when freedom is lost.  She knows, first hand, that a socialist leaning government has a devastating effect on economic growth and job creation.  As socialism grows in our government our individual freedoms are being taken away.  This is why Marielena believes in open and transparent economic development.  She believes that less taxes and a strong private sector are the best ways for America to regain its economic strength.

Marielena  is a wife and a successful homeschool mother.  She has a firm conviction that now—more than ever — we must instill a sense of pride in America, so that our youngest citizens can grow up with a clear understanding of our sacred rights given to us by God, and protected under the United States Constitution.

Marielena Stuart is a solid pro-lifer.  She has never been afraid to defend the right to life with an uncompromising strength in her own community and her State—and through her nationally-read columns. In 2010-2011 she was immensely influential in helping defeat the establishment of an anti-life genetic facility in Southwest Florida, a project which was backed by powerful land developers and government bureaucrats.  She fought in defense of the human embryo, the tiniest of our kin, and in doing so Marielena Stuart also helped save Florida tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars.       Her success in this grass-roots battle reflects Marielena’s determination to give Florida citizens the right to be heard in the public square – citizens who have long been silenced by political backroom deals and bail-outs.

As a columnist for Renew America (http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/marielena) Marielena Stuart  has demonstrated her expertise in foreign affairs, national defense and strategic military matters — especially those dealing with China-U.S. relations.  Marielena is a powerhouse of important information on vital national and international issues. Her writings also reflect her conservative values, and her love for America.   Like me– and all true conservatives from George Washington to Ronald Reagan — Marielena Stuart believes in “Peace through Strength”.

I promise you that, as your U.S. Senator, Marielena Stuart will lead and unite the State of Florida and the nation. Hers is a vibrant message and commitment to life and prosperity for every Floridian, and for every American who wishes our country to remain – One nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all – born and unborn.

Marielena Stuart embodies the perfect conservative storm that Florida citizens need to deliver to our nation’s capital in 2012.  She needs and deserves your financial support and your vote.

Thank you and God bless.

(The Honorable Congressman Robert K. Dornan, Rep -Ret.)


Endorsement by Glenn Pav for Marielena Stuart’s U.S. Senate Candidacy: 

I have had significant time with Marielena to discover the kind of U.S. Senator she would be. I compare her with the nearest Statesman, President Ronald Reagan. She is courageous, principled, constitutional, conservative, fair and just, and fearless unto death for the cause of American liberty. She exemplifies American patriotism as a passionate promoter of faith and freedom.  When elected, I have full confidence she would be a conserver of the American Republic and a preserver of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. She inspires, encourages, and exudes the rare combination of confidence with humility and obedience to our Country’s God. Her position requires reformation, integrity, godliness, honor, and truth. She is not only up for the task, but will motivate other Senators to follow her lead.

The Conservative Talk Network and the Glenn Pav Radio Show soundly endorse Marielena Stuart for the U.S. Senate.

Rev. Glenn M. Pav,  President/CEO of the Conservative Talk Network 


Barbara A. Stephens, University Professor:

I have had the pleasure of meeting Marielena Stuart this year.  Marielena is running for the United States Senate in the state of Florida.  I am so impressed with this lady who is a true visionary.  As she speaks, Marielena electrifies her audience with her conservative values and her ability to communicate.  She is highly intelligent, very aware about what is going on politically in this country and in the world, and a lady who believes in and lives by conservative Christian values.  In fact, she typifies conservative values.  Being born and reared in Cuba under communism, she understands how important freedom is, provided by the foundational principles upon which America was built.  She has a true love for America and a sincere appreciation for being an American citizen.  Marielena has a burning desire to help to bring America back to her conservative, Christian principles for the benefit of her family and her fellow Americans. Mrs. Stuart has a beautiful family, a son and daughter and supportive husband who are firmly behind their capable mother.

Marielena has a stiff backbone and “fire in the belly”.    It is truly an honor to know this outstanding lady.

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Stephens, M.S., Adjunct Professor of Communications Nova Southeastern University 


Dr. Elizabeth Young, College Professor: 

I, Dr. Elizabeth Young, fully endorse and encourage others to endorse Marielena Stuart for U.S. Senator. After listening to Marielena’s presentations, I find her to be the ONLY “Authentic Conservative Republican” running for this key position from Florida.  While other candidates freely “talk the talk” spewing party rhetoric and riding on the Republican Party of Florida’s coat tails, Marielena “walks the talk”.  She is a true American who came from Communist Cuba to be an American– a true American.  She does not take her citizenry lightly; she takes it seriously and boldly fights to protect our Constitution and our unalienable rights as fellow Americans.  We need to send Marielena Stuart to Washington DC, to stand on the Senate floor and speak for US– for all Americans.

As a college professor, transplanted here to Florida from Rutgers University in New Jersey, I have made it my goal to continue to teach my students, both undergraduate and doctoral level, to think, to research, to analyze and challenge the media and liberal literature.  I feel it is my duty, as another true American, to encourage not only our youth, but our adult learners as well, to think for themselves and not be influenced by the glamour, the glitz, and the falsities of the liberal Socialist way of thinking (the emotional way of thinking); but rather to embark on a courageous path of examining information using their God-given intelligence and their critical thinking skills to make decisions to vote for candidates that present facts that can be examined and found to be true.

I only hope that if they have the courage to do that, they will have the courage to vote for Marielena Stuart for U.S. Senator– because she speaks the truth.


Dr. Elizabeth Young,  College Professor 
Member of  Conservative Republican organizations and fellow American

Karen Bracken – AGEnder (Agenders are individuals who battle AGenda 21):

Marielena, You are a blessing from heaven.  I am the leader of a national Agenda 21 coalition and you are the type of candidate this country needs to heal us and bring us back to greatness.  I have sent your information to about 500 people on my distribution list from all over America.  We are all fighting Agenda 21 7 days a week.  But we realize without the right candidates in office our fight will never end.  To date there is no one running for office or in office addressing this issue head on as you are doing.  I have been trying to convince people to run for office.  The only way we will beat this evil is to roll up our sleeves and sit on their seats—so that we will have the power to put this to bed once and for all.

And when you get to DC I hope we can sit down and talk about how you will save this country.  I hope to see some bills that defund HUD, EPA, DOT and shut them down.  Repeal the Endangered Species Act.  Withdraw the US from the UN.  You will have more citizen support than you know when you go to DC.

Good luck and God bless you.  And thank you for making America your home.  We are honored to have you on our side.

Karen Braken

Karen Schoen, Radio Host: American Freedom Watch Radio (Repatriot Radio)
Founder: AgEnders,  agenda21today.com
Director: Florida Panhandle Patriots
Chairperson: Save America Foundation
Co-Chair: Florida Assessment Committee on Education,
Citizens for National Security
Defund the UN, NGO’s, EPA, FDA, NOAA, DOE, DOI , HUD, DOT, DOEd and ICLEI
Knowledge is Power

Dear Marielena:

It was my pleasure to hear you speak. You are one of the only candidates that is truly not afraid of political correctness. You call the issues by their true name, communism, UN Agenda 21, corruption as the true enemies of America.I said I would not endorse a candidate unless they speak the truth, YOU DO.  Therefore, I strongly recommend that all Flordians listen to you and your platform before they vote.  Being a grassroots candidate that tells the truth is a rare breed and I commend you.  God Bless you in your effort, you have shown the courage it takes to be a leader.

Karen Schoen


From:  Steven D. Lange,
Executive Director
Patriots’ Ink

Re:  Marielena Stuart’s Landslide (54%) victory at the first U.S. Senate race official poll– conducted by the Supervisor of Elections, at the Pinellas GOP (June 11, 2012)

Patriots, friends and family, Last night I had the distinct pleasure to listen to three Floridians, all of whom are running for the Florida Senate, at the Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee (PCREC) meeting.

Former Senator George LeMieux, Dr. Weldon and Marielena Stuart spoke to us.  Only one spoke volumes to us.

Marielena Stuart spoke for fifteen minutes to fifteen or so standing ovations, cheers, whistles and floor thumping enthusiasm from beginning to end.  Her personal history and her personal knowledge of this country and the world were informative, factual and dire.  Her message was well received.

Being Cuban born and suffering under a communist regime, she escaped to the US who she credits with saving her life.  She may yet save ours.

Marielena Stuart won the debate.

The straw vote was:                              Marielena Stuart                                 110

George Lemieux                                  69

Dave Weldon                                        5

[*- Connie Mack, who refuses to attend debates and forums, received 12 votes]

My other observations are these:

Marielena Stuart is the real deal.  Think of Marco Rubio on steroids, only better and louder.

She won in an arena that once supported Charlie Crist.  How far has this group evolved??  Can you say conservative Tea Party presence?

All I can say is WOW.  Those fifteen minutes were the most meaningful fifteen minutes of my PCREC life.  She is thrilling to listen to and she will receive my vote in the primary.

I suggest you all do your homework and get to know this lady.

Steven D. Lange

Executive Director

Patriots’ Ink

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