Socialism is the Death of Freedom

by Marielena Stuart

Republican Candidate for the United States Senate 2012

The ocean that separates America from the Old Continent has become a mirror of reflections about our own economy, as we focus our attention on the devastating effects of Socialism in the euro zone.  This focus has intensified as we witness the changes taking place in Spain.

Spaniards had enough with the lies and devastation caused by Socialism– and did something about it at the polls.  Spain’s center-right Popular Party has just enjoyed a historic victory, boasting an absolute majority, with Prime Minister-elect Mariano Rajoy at the helm.   A desperate change indeed, considering that the Socialists have left Spain with the highest jobless rate in the European Union.

Spaniards rejoiced in the streets as the election results were announced last week.  By the time evening fell over the Iberian peninsula on Sunday, the world had received confirmation of Spain’s great win over Socialism:  the data counted and confirmed by the PP’s General Secretary, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, established the PP’s absolute majority victory.

The United States of America is my beloved adopted country—and I would do anything to defend it.  While I was born and raised in Castro’s Cuba, my family’s roots are in Spain.  So it is a proud moment for me to see Spain wake up from its Socialist nightmare—as I reflect on the many years I spent suffering under Communism.

For Americans, the often-stealth corruption of Socialism will only be clearly understood once it is identified for what it truly is: Socialism is ‘Phase I’ of Communism.

In America, Socialism has been festering in our schools, as well as in our local, county and state governments.  Washington is awash in Socialism.

Socialism can be removed from our nation—but it will require that each and every American learn how to identify and eliminate it at every level of government.  It will require that each and every American stand up in defense of our constitutional rights, our sovereignty and our founding values.

Socialism, like a virus, is difficult to eradicate– but our Founding Fathers had the God-given grace and wisdom to create a plan to help us defend this greatest of nations.  They left us the tools necessary to assert our rights– and to weather the storms caused by those who are intent on taking away the freedoms and rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

In our present situation, a crisis has been created by those who do not understand that there is an impossible coexistence between freedom, as defined by our American founding values– and Socialism, in all its deceptive economic and social manifestations.

Spaniards have kicked the Socialists out.  We need to do the same in America.

Socialism is the death of freedom.  Join me in this battle.

(Published in Renew America and ‘IN TOUCH…’ in November, 2011)

Copyright © Marielena Montesino de Stuart. All rights reserved.